Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Year. New Look. New goals.

I thought if my blog got a little make over I would be more likely to blog more about my projects and recent in-progress things. I really miss documenting my sewing and house projects. I love to go back and read about them and see what I've accomplished. Thanks to my brother for working on the header for my blog and new logo for my shop. I had Olive and Ivy do more design work and set it all up for me. I'm happy with the way things turned out. I'm a clean person and love the simpleness of it all. I have a new web site too that you can check out at

My sister took some head shots for my a while back and I'm so happy with they way they turned out. I'm impressed with they way they look. I'm not meaning I look good, but she made me look good. She has this talent and magic to make everyone feel comfortable while she is shooting. She has a way to talk to them and have them pose and move normally and not just "smile" so that the final images look natural. It was a great experience and not just because she is my sister. She normally takes Senior portraits and they are lucky to have her! photographyinlight is where you can find her work.

January is quickly slipping away from me and my home routines are still not quite where I want them to be like before the Holidays. My kids are back to their routines with school and homework and my husband has gone back to work and in the depth of his busy season. But I am just struggling with where I need to be. I really enjoy staying in my PJ's way longer than they should be on and I also enjoy a "quick" glance at my Instagram feed.

I have a few goals for the new year and I am serious about them. So serious that I entered into a challenge with my sisters and sister in laws to keep each other accountable. We all submitted a goal or two or three that we are starting to work on this year. If we are accountable to each other then we are more likely to stick to them. We also like to make our challenges fun, so we each have donated something for the winners to choose from after 8 weeks. After 8 weeks we would like to continue on but small steps are a nice motivation. Each week we check in and document our progress on our shared doc. and the people who miss the less days will get to choose from the prizes first.

My goals for the year are: 1-not buy bread from the store. I have a new Bosch so I'm going to put it to work and make my 4 loaves of bread at a time. Two usually freeze well for us. 2-read my scriptures 5x's a week. I would shoot for daily but I'm serious and being realistic. Eventually I will work up to daily. 3-read with/to my kindergartener daily. Some days I have slacked and I know he thrives and learns so fast so I need to take advantage every day with him. Not just at bed time but I mean during the day for fun!
I have plenty other goals but these are my personal goals that I am doing with my sisters challenge :)

In shop news, I ran another deal with this month for the party and photo prop banners/buntings.  I really love being able to mix and match fabrics to come up with all sorts of fun combinations and themes. There are a few new colors I did this time and I listed them in the shop for those who may have missed the deal.

A Red patterned one is perfect for Valentines Day. These sold out on but there are a couple in the shop available still.

A Pink Pattern one, also good for Valentines Day!

Yellow and Gray Zebra is a fun mix!

and one more to share is the all time favorite Circus / Carnival themed. This one always sells out but it is normally a regular in the shop.

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