Friday, April 5, 2013

spring penelope lane boutique

I was a part of Penelope Lane Boutique again this March. I think it has been such a great show and well run. Sarah and Nancy are a mother/ daughter team who make every vendor feel happy to be there and like all their needs are met. Plus, as a shopper, you are well treated and greeted by a friendly check in table and also the check out line is efficient and divided by whether you are paying with check/cash, or credit card.
I would have to say that this Spring Boutique was the largest and best attended. I like to get a hotel near by the night before so I am close to set up the next morning. I am not a morning person at all and I live about 45 minutes away, plus this time my kids were with me. Usually after I set up my table I head back to the hotel to pack up and check out and then head back to the boutique. Within the little time I did that I found out that the parking lot was full, and the parking lot across the street was full. It was crazy busy. Luckily people were coming and going so spots opened up fairly quickly. But it was very well attended and a fun show to be part of.

Here is a shot of all the vendors involved this time.

And here is a peek at my booth. The table ended up being a little shorter than the 6ft one I used at home to do a trial run on. I made the white ruffled table cloth to fit my 6ft table, so I after I took this picture I had to go tuck under the one corner that looks out of sorts.

My good friend from college and I planned to meet up and I was so happy she came with her husband and children.  We got to catch up and talk and I loved it! The kids had a great time playing together on the outside patio and loved being outdoors.

Every boutique I think of things that I want to improve on and do for the next show. I am usually getting products and inventory ready so I run out of time to get my display where I want it but this time I just took the inventory I had so I had time to fix up a few things for my display.

Like I said earlier, I added a bottom ruffle to the white table cloth. The ruffles go all the way around the back and it was crazy. It fits a 6ft table perfectly.

I also finally finished my edeenut banner. It has been a little too long for my liking and the words and designs have only ever been ironed on, never sewn on. So That is what I did, I shortened it, added four more larger grommets, and satin stitched around the design and wording making them nice and secure.

Here is a larger image of the sign hanging loosely while set up in my kitchen. Notice I added a natural color backdrop and ditched the orange one. I think it blends better, I want my products to be the color in my booth and not my backdrop.

Sadly, I totally forgot to pack my backdrop set up. I had them in the car, took them out to put the large hand truck in and didn't put the poles back in...
I am still happy about the way my booth looked without a backdrop though. I was in the center isle and not against a wall so I like the look of the open back.

I also made a temporary hanger for my wrist straps/ key fobs. I usually have them hanging around the edge of a glass vase but wanted something else that wouldn't put stress on the springs. So this turquoise frame came to be. I literally did it in one night, painted it and strung the wire across the back.
I'll post later about how easy it was. It is temporary, and it was good for  the time being but still not quite what I want for a permanent solution. That will come later.

You can check out more images from the Penelope Lane Spring Boutique here on their facebook page. And you should plan to attend the next one in the Fall. September will be here before you know it.
I'll post later the fun items I bought this time for me.

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