Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I always wear earrings

I got my ears pierced in college. I was over 18. Not 8 or 10 or in elementary school like all my friends. I was an adult and I love them pierced. It wasn't something that my parents liked or supported. I kind of just knew how they felt never really asked to have it done. I have five sister older than me and none of them had pierced ears either. They did ask though...

earings made using jNicLoft silver tear drops.
 So after I graduated High school I was really wanting to get my ears pierced. One of my older sisters got her's pierced just a couple months before and she went with me to get mine done. After us two, it kind of snowballed from there and other sisters did it too. There are 8 girls in my family and now 5 of us have pierced ears

I love the decision I made and I love pierced ears! I do think that my parents were wise though in their choice. I went through a time in high school where I would have even wanted to have two holes in each ear. I now think back on that and I'm glad that I wasn't allowed to pierce them because I might have gone ahead and done two holes and I would hate to be stuck with those now. I'm so glad to have skipped that potential mistake. In my church we believe that one hole in each ear is plenty and counseled to keep it at one. This counsel came out before I got mine pierced and I'm glad for the inspiration my parents had.

After wearing studs for a long time I started to branch out and wear other styles and now find myself never wearing studs. I don't wear any other jewelry except earrings and my wedding ring. If I am missing either one of those then I feel naked.

One sister and I learned to make earrings for ourselves and the other sisters and now when I get a chance I actually make a pair for me. My favorite place to buy earrings is Jnic Designs on etsy. I love her style and I love her oxidized sterling silver! She also has a supply shop, jNic Loft, where Jennifer sells her hand forged wires and findings along with beads. This is my little package I got in the mail recently with two sets of ear wires and some round circles to use later.

I also just received this aqua pair in the mail. I ordered them from a Very Jane seller, Dandilicious Designs, and was surprised at how light they are. I feel like I don't have any earrings in at all.

I would love to hear your pierced ear stories and how you feel about it for your children. But please no hole ripping stories, that just grosses me out :)

buying sources:
jNic Loft hand forged oxidized sterling silver tear drops.
Very Jane Daily Deals 
Dandilicious Designs on etsy


  1. I got my ears pieced in college. The guy I was dating gave me a lovely, lovely pierced earring and necklace set. He didn't think anything of it; both his Mom & his older sister had pierced ears.

    It never even occurred to him that I did not. :-)

    So, I got my ears pierced so I could wear the earrings he gave me and have worn earrings ever since.

    UNTIL ... I had kids. Then I gave up the drop earrings until I could trust them NOT to pull on them! For the very reason that you asked for no stories of that kind. :-) It's just a very practical reason to only wear studs for a specified period of time. :-)

  2. I think it's better to decide for yourself as an adult. My parents had my ears pierced when I was in elementary because I wanted to, but I wasn't ready for it, and after months of ear infection my mum just took the earrings off me, the holes grew shut again.
    I had my ears pierced again when I was in high school because I wanted to and knew what it meant. For several years I wore different jewellery in three holes per earlobe, I just liked the funky look of it.
    Now, as an adult, I wear a pair of earrings every day, just like wearing a watch, but I left the extra holes to grow shut again. I like wearing earrings because they stand out with my very short hair.

    Definitely, I'd never pierce a baby girl's ears, it's her choice and her right to decide about her own body. I know that it's a tradition in several countries to have every newborn girl's ears pierced within a couple of days, but I'm far from understanding the reason behind it - without wanting to insult anybody.

  3. My parents waited until I was in elementary school to get my ears pierced. I ended up leaving in tears with only one ear done and had to go back the next day for the second ear. I got multiple piercings (4 or 5) in each ear during my teenage years. Most have since closed up and now I only wear my diamond studs that were a wedding present from my husband. I planned on getting my daughter's ears pierced when she was infant to avoid what happened to me, but could not put her through it. I'll let her make that decision for herself some day :)

  4. My mother wouldn't allow me to pierce my ears, something only slutty girls did. I had them done when I graduated from high school. A friend of a friend did it with some ice and a sewing needle. I hurt like you wouldn't believe, but nothing like the infection I ended up with. It turns out that I am allergic to nickle and can only wear yellow gold earrings as everything else has some amount of nickle in it. We did allow our daughter to get hers pierced in elementary school as a bribe to stop sucking her thumb (don't ask). It seems so tame now compared to the piercings and tatoos (don't get me started) that some kids get. Times do change.

  5. Love your thoughtful post. I always wear earrings, too (my general rule is unless I'm sleeping, showering, or swimming in open water like an ocean/lake, they have to be in.) Can't stand the look of empty piercings!