Saturday, March 30, 2013

sewing space progress

Slowly,  between busy sewing sprees, I've been working on organizing this office/ sewing area of mine. I have had a lot of of my sewing stuff in my bedroom closet, it is huge. But I do want it all or most of what I can fit in my office now. I've been slowly getting things I use most often in place to make things go quicker.

The bed, as seen here, is pretty much the same... but the piles now are organized in piles and bins of certain things, so I know where things are now. I have square boxes from Target that will be going on the wall above my table within the next month hopefully.
Here is a close up of some fabric that was on the bed. I am pretty good about keeping my fabric folded but it was still in piles that needed sorted.

As for this wall, it was just a collection of things before. I needed a piece of furniture to go here to keep my kids computer hidden when not in use. I also needed a desk to put my laptop because I don't like sharing my sewing table with that because I notice too much lint in the air settles on it. 

I still share this room with my kids so my son's drums have to stay in the corner and the guest bed has to stay in the same place it is in now for the best possible flow in the room.  I hung my son's little guitar up on the wall to free up floor space. I found the hanger for it on ebay.

To store the ever growing lego collection, we got 3 long under bed storage bins. When the legos get played with the bins are easy to slide out in the family room for use.

To go with the computers I needed something large enough to hold the printer as well. I've had my eye on this secretary from Ikea. It was the perfect size and had the cabinets and shelves I needed. But I wasn't too fond of the price for the quality. It was a bit flimsy on display in the store.
I kept the Ikea stand in my mind while I searched high and low for something it's same size and had the same requirements but came up with nothing for the price and so I made the purchase at Ikea and my husband set it up. It is not a horribly solid sturdy piece of furniture, but we are not hard on things in my house so I'm not worried about it. It is stabilized to the wall and should last us. I'm very happy with the looks of it and its functionality.

The top cabinet shelf stores my camera, packing supplies and other sewing/product supplies (those large rolls are full of bias tape!). The next shelf has two boxes of fabric that are there temporary and the boxes with handles are the smaller ones from Target, there are 4 total, two in front and two fit behind those. Those hold more packing supplies, business cards and stamps and stickers. Printer ink cartridges, and can't forget my treats (I love my candy stash!)

The bottom shelf has a place for my lap top to be stored when not in use, or when I want to just do a quick something on it I can stand instead of sitting and pulling it down to the fold out secretary table.
The monitor belonging to my children is up on the top as well as the speakers.
I will sometimes watch a movie or show on their monitor while I sit and work on my computer below on the pull down desk.

Below that top cabinet is the pull down desk. I love that it can be closed up and everything is hidden. The printer is hiding in there too. I originally had planned to put the printer up above where my lap top is but we recently got a new printer and it is larger so it ended up not fitting. I was lucky it fit where it did so I didn't have to put it all the way in the bottom cabinet.
There is also a spot to store the wireless mouse and keyboard for my kids computer, lots of random papers, and notebooks for my notes and documents, and copy and label paper.

The Very bottom cabinet section is still unorganized. I store my larger shipping bags and supplies under there but the rest of the space is just random things. After I get some shelves up on the other wall I'll know what will fit there and what else will go in the bottom cabinet.

Until the shelves are in place I have a pretty on the wall. It is a wooden chalkboard I purchased from Very Jane. I do not have very good hand writing as this shows the erase smears, I had to redo the bottom line, Hah!
So for now It's live able in here. But I'm counting the days down until I get shelves. I'll show you the other side of the room after that.

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