Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Boutique & 2 winners

First off, I want to thank all those very much who stopped by to enter my giveaway for Sew Mama Sew giveaway day. I love this time of year and I love making a winner happy. This time there are two winners! One for the little pouch and one for the fabric scraps.
I asked that in the comments you tell me about when you or your kids found out about Santa. I loved reading all the stories! Thank you all for sharing!!
Now the winner of the pouch is: Lindsay Conner
She said "Also, my parents never did the Santa Claus thing, so I always knew that they bought the presents under the tree. Love both giveaways!"

The winner of the fabric scraps is: Kim
She said "I remember I was in SIXTH grade! I thought I knew, but hadn't had it confirmed until one night when I was drying the dishes and mom was washing them. I asked her if Santa was real and she told me he wasn't. I remember thinking that I knew that, but was still a little sad to know for sure."

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The first Saturday of December I was in Seal Beach again for the Penelope Lane Holiday Boutique. I was so busy with all my Advent Calendar orders in November to make any new products for the show so I had to take what I had on hand already. But I was happy with the results of the show and look forward to the next one I can participate in.
After the show my husband and I went to eat dinner at this nice restaurant, Park Ave, where he eats lunch at frequently for work. They have their own garden where they grow their own vegetables!

It was a bit of a rainy day but still beautiful and the venue is just perfect. Here's the view off the back patio.

I saw a lot of things that were just too cute, one thing were these little Joseph and Mary pegs with Baby Jesus. They were so nice and simple, by Half A Dozen Daisies.

I bought this print from Grace for Grace. I was set up next to her and it was so hard to choose just one, she had a lot of Christmas prints I wanted. So I chose two, one for me and one for my Mother in Law who watched my kids over night so I could participate in the Boutique.  I put my print in a red frame and I like how it adds a bit of a Christmas touch to my mantle place.

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