Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend boutiques

At the recent Markets I participated in the past couple weekends, my sister and I were able to walk around and visit with some others who were set up near us. It was nice to talk and meet those who are involved in the same things as us and have great products to share.

So I'll share a little about the first show, Penelope Lane Boutique, because I actually took a couple photos there. (A few I borrowed from the PLB facebook page). and then I'll be back to share about the other show soon.

I was neighbored next to  danicas chic bowtique.

 Christina had such a colorful set up for little girls with her rompers and headbands and bows. She taught me a lot of about how she runs her facebook page that I hope to put to use and she was lucky to have her husband stay there with her to help behind the scenes!

My other neighbor was Kutz. Paper. Scissors.  Andrea had such an eye catching set up and I loved all the bright fabric colors for table runners and pillow. Instant make over for your couch.

Here is my booth as the day began. It is only my second market ever and I feel OK with my set up. I do know there are some things I want to change but for the most part it works.
My husband built me that cool wooden easel stand on the left. I needed something to display my Kids Show Off Bags from and this is what I had envisioned. So the week before he had time to build it up for me. I am trying to decide if I want to paint the wood but for now I like it the way it is.

 Here is the ball room before while everyone is still setting up.

And here it is during shopping hours. The whole wall of both ballrooms were full of windows letting so much light in.

There was also the best view out side of the golf course and a patio to walk out on. My husband and boys brought me lunch and we enjoyed sitting out there to eat.

Junk Art Gypsy was set up out side too and it was so fun to browse all her things. My sister had me get her a necklace from JAG because she loved her last one so much.

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