Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a few noteworthy things

I kind of feel like I've been neglecting this little blog. I think that the new posting layout of blogger is kind of annoying... But I plan to get used to it eventually and post some of my most recently finished sewing projects for my home soon, I promise!
I find it much easier to post over on facebook lately. Be sure join me over there to get more regular crafting updates on edeenut. I would love to have you!

In the mean time, I was featured (and my slipcover) on this really cool blog, Pink and Polka Dot. I love discovering new blogs. Kristi is a slipcover genius. She is seriously amazing. I've only made a few slipcovers in my day but she has a bunch under her belt and they are perfect. Plus she even has an ebook available for you to do it yourself on her side bar.
I was also impressed with her new "fake" wood flooring she did a couple years ago. We are at the point where we need to replace our carpet and my husband wants to do tile, I want to do wood floor...Not sure who will win that battle.

Also, Shawn over at creativeinspiraciones has given my blog the Liebster award. Thanks Shawn! It's a great feeling to know others like reading my blog.

Finally, I have been curious about Big Cartel shops lately. I like the set up and look of the shops there and the options for totally designing them your way. So I decided to try it out and expand my little shop. Mostly just to dip my toes in until I decide to make the full transition there. But for now I have a few things there for sale. You can check out  the store front here for now:
Later, when I transition for good the "bigcartel" will be off the address.
My etsy shop will always be there though.

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  1. You can go back to the old Style blogger! I can't remember where I found it as I only stuck with new Blogger for a few days, but it might be in that Cog type thing in the top right hand corner.

    I'm thinking of moving to Big Cartel soon too, I'm done with Folksy. It'll be interested to hear what you think.