Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Sew Funky Market

The last two months have kind of been vacant here on my little blog. The only excuse I have is that I was getting ready for the Sew Funky Market. It was the end of March and it was my first time ever participating in a market. I had no idea what to expect. Really, no expectation at all, so I wasn't really sure what to focus on.

It was fun to get a lot of stock ready for the show and see it stacked up together. I also tried a few new products that I think will be regulars in my shop from now on. I have a lot of inventory left and will slowly be adding it to my shop over the next few weeks.

My husband is right in the middle of busy season at work so I couldn't count on him for any help before hand. My wonderful sister came to visit and helped me so much with preparation. My father in law came to help me dismantle my booth, and I did get my husband to agree to help set up my booth on his way to work early the morning of, so everything worked out well.

I feel it was a success and I learned a lot. I will do a few things differently next time (like get a larger booth). And yes it was worth it so I hope to participate in more. I love the excitement of it all!

I only took a few pictures with my phone and the ballroom was really dark for those, but here is one of my very orange booth, taken by Christina

and a group photo of all the vendors taken by Racz Photography.

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  1. Love your booth Edith!! So bright and colorful!!!
    ..and it seems that we share a few of the same experiences, "It was fun to get a lot of stock ready for the show and see it stacked up together.", and ditto on getting a larger booth. ;D