Thursday, April 12, 2012

a few new things

I have a few new products that I have introduced to my shop. I'm loving putting all sorts of fabric combinations together. But first, by request, I have finally gotten an email newsletter that I send out. It's low key and it only goes out every now and then.
To get early bird news and special deals sign up at this link:

Also, you can follow me on face book: It's kind of nice to post to facebook with my phone. Because of that, I am guilty of hanging out there more than this blog sometimes.

Now on to the new products,
Newly designed SHOW OFF toy BAGS are one thing that I'm really excited about. They have been in the shop for a while now but the new thing about them is the size. I make them bigger now. They hold more and the zippers have a bigger zipper pull on them for little fingers to grasp easier.

The newer size is 10" wide and 11" tall with a generous 2 1/2" flat bottom gusset. Check out all the details here.
The red and blue number bag is the smaller size that I will no longer be making anymore. Check your emails soon, if you are on my mailing list, to be notified when those smaller remaining bags will be discounted.

I also have a couple new garlands for all your upcoming party needs. Circus or carnival Birthday anyone?

And lastly for now, Flea Market Fancy anyone? It's pretty nice isn't it!? I love the fabric but can't let it sit on my shelf forever. It makes a beautiful cell phone sized wallet/purse and flat zipper pouch.


  1. Have you ever thought about making a "Happy Birthday" flag garland? I would snap that sucker up in a minute!

  2. I just nominated you for a blog award: