Saturday, April 7, 2012

edeenut notebook from Paper Coterie

This little beauty has been helping me stay organized for a few months now. I had a credit to the printing company Paper Coterie and decided to use it for a note book to match my shop/blog.

I have ordered from them before and have been really pleased with their quality. I've gotten a few different styles of calendars, one large one for my home and some smaller desk styles for giving. For gifting, I feel very comfortable with the quality they offer.
I also got a growth chart for my youngest, it has his picture on it and it is made of a really neat fabric type sturdy material.

But enough about those other things this post is about the notebook. By the way, I have no association to this company and am not receiving any compensation for my comments and I did have to pay for my book. I am just a pleased customer and happy with the products I have spent my money on with them. Although, I do have to say, I'm not pleased with the shipping costs, something that should ship for Priority flat rate cost me way more than it should to ship. But that's all I'm unhappy about and obviously it hasn't stopped me from ordering from them!

On to the notebook.
I use it for all my notes for my shop. It has nice double sided, thick, lined paper. I have all my product measurements and cutting sizes listed in here. I have little notes about each product and sewing tricks I've discovered about each one. I have notes for my expenses like sales tax, tithing, and boring but important stuff like that.

The front has a thick see-through plastic cover on top of the designed cover.

I love how it closes with a nice black elastic that slips over the front. It keeps everything nice and secure because sometimes I have loose papers slipped inside until I can transfer the notes off them to the book.
It was so nice to me that I was hesitant at first to start writing inside it. But it didn't take long before I started filling it up just as I had planned it to be used.

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