Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Apple Cranberry pumpkin muffins

Not a whole lot of selfish sewing going on for me latley. I'm enjoying shop sewing, but there is also some freezer cooking going on too.

I love to make breakfast foods and freeze them. All I have to do is pull out a bag the night before and put in the fridge to thaw. In the morning they are ready to go. I like to give my kids healthy breakfasts before school but I really love my sleep, so good breakfasts don't happen every day unless I prepare in advance. With this freezer method it can happen every day and we don't need to rely on cereal.

I recently finished up a triple batch of these muffins. I've had the recipe from my sister for a long time and I make them often. I add wheat flour, not quite half but close to it. I use half the sugar it calls for and you would never know. The frozen cranberries have such a yummy flavor and the apples are just added because my son hates them with only cranberries.
To be honest we eat them all day, not just for breakfast, we love them!

I made pan of mini muffins this time and they are so cute. But I prefer the regular size so I'll probably stick to that.
Photo via instagram, so convenient lately to use my phone!

A few other breakfast favorites we make a ton of and freeze are:
-Oatmeal Brown sugar pancakes with whole wheat. I usually 4 times this recipe for a ton. (Pop in the toaster oven to heat).
-Smoothies. (We freeze smaller proportions in round glad containers and thaw them for a few seconds in the microwave in the morning. My son loves to eat them with a spoon slightly frozen still.)
-Waffles. (toaster oven again to heat.)

Any other ideas for healthy breakfast foods that would freeze well?

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