Wednesday, January 4, 2012

yellow chevron curtains / black out for kids room

I finally have Little E's room clean enough to take pictures of the curtains I made for it. It's been a few months since they have been hung and I love them. It's kind of hard to take pictures with the sun glaring in the window but I tried.

I need to hem the bottom up about 1 more inch. Right now they have a 3" hem but they drag too much on the floor. They are hung just a bit lower from the ceiling than the curtains in my bedroom but this height still keeps out enough of the sun light.

The curtains are hung about 8 inches further out from where the window ends and it is dark. I wanted to go about 12 inches but in order to keep it even on both sides we had to stick with 8".
Daily naps are still taken in this room, with the sun out. This is the room in our house that gets the most sunlight in the afternoon, but you would never know.

The fabric is deco weight and they are lined with black out lining so they are heavy! They also keep out heat and cold :). I wasn't so sure about the curtains rods, as they seem kind of small, but in real life they are good, nice and sturdy and low profile.
This is the corner where the two rods meet.

I had a little helper who couldn't decide if the drum set or horse should be in the photo, sometimes both :)
I would never be able to find these curtains to purchase at the store. I love being able to sew exactly what I want for my house.

This is the little car lamp I found a while ago at Target. It matches the quilt I'm working on for the bed. January is my goal to finish the quilt.

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