Friday, January 13, 2012

pinterest recipe found: pizza monkey bread bites

I love new recipes, becaues I tire of the same old ones I make. Pinterest is the best place lately to find all sorts of good recipes. I have made quite a few from there and most are keepers to print out and add too my recipe book.

I have stated before that I try not to collect things to Pinterest unless I have a specific purpose for it and plan to do something with it in the future. As proof, here is the most recent Pinterest success: Bite sized pepperoni pizza monkey bread.
Here is the original recipe on Bloghungry. I pretty much followed it exactly and I would especially say, to make sure you roll your balls small, like it states, because the dough rises a lot.

I'm already thinking of other options to fill the dough with instead of just pepperoni- green peppers, diced tomatoes, ham. Chicken and dipped in white sauce. All would be so good with cheese.

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  1. Oh my goodness...I can't look away. I saw that you visited my blog and hopped over here to say hello and thank you. I am your newest follower. This is right up my I have to convince my health conscious husband that this is dinner. Looks amazing!