Thursday, December 1, 2011

small fabric gift bags

These tiny treat bags are really tiny. I had to put a bottle of nail polish next to it as a reference.
They are perfect to use a party favors or shower favors. You can give them for Christmas full of fun things like nail polish, handmade soaps, and lotions tubes. My sunglasses fit in the m nicely too.

I made these bags to enter in a contest was having. I really wanted to enter and have a chance to win a new Bernina sewing machine (my dream machine). But after 2 weeks of emailing and trying to get a hold of someone, ANYONE, with customer service or technical support I came to the realization that they have the worst customer service and not even a phone number to call. I guess wasn't destined to enter I guess.
I would upload my photos to My Share photo album and then they would not show up, it's like the album would disappear into the great cyber unknown. I tried this countless time with the same results... The worst part: while I did this over the 2 weeks period, I could see others entering their albums. Someone will sure be lucky, but it's not me, the deadline to enter was yesterday.

So moving on. I thought I would at least show you that I have been sewing. Maybe I'll use these bags as school, piano, and church teacher gift bags.


  1. They're very cute and I'm sure the school, piano and church teachers will love them!

  2. At least you have some very cute tiny totes as a result.

  3. I just happened across these on Pinterest. I love them! Thank you for posting the pictures.