Tuesday, December 13, 2011

more toy bags for Christmas

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I made a few more custom Show-Off window toy bags recently. One for a little guy's B-day and some for an etsy customer for Christmas. I love the big cars that go on the back. I am running out and only have a few more car panels left.

For the the first bag, I used a zipper with a larger zipper pull, it's longer and easy for little fingers to grasp. I also made the bag considerably larger than my original bags. I think I am going to stick to the larger size as they are much easier to work with and sew inside. The cost will not increase any more than the smaller ones because they are actually easier for me to make, so much easier!!

Here you can see the size difference to the smaller original bags. I still have a few of the smaller bags in my shop for sale. I'm not planning on making any more that size now that I'm going to stick with the larger bags. So if you are interested in grabbing them while they are at a discounted price, in my shop, now is the time to do it.

My son still loves his little blue number bag. He carries it to church with his little books and in the car with things to keep track of.

The other two bags are similar to each other both with cars on the back, but different fabrics and colors. They are the smaller original size, not the bigger size. They are for little twins who will get to carry their wooden blocks around in them from Christmas.

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