Saturday, November 19, 2011

Show-Off toy draw string bags for kids

I love to keep kids toys contained. Everything needs a place and toys with small parts especially need to be contained.

I have a new product in the shop and think it is very economical and practical. The cost is less than my other zipper Show-Off bags and these are also larger.

These are made from knit fabrics and still have the special Show-Off window in the front.

opening-it-up draw string bag

My son loves the cord stopper and stashing all his stuff in the bags. He is very able to use the cord stopper on his own and push the bag top open.

draw string Show-Off window bag

This one is my favorite. It is made from some Painting Red Rhinos fabric that I have had forever, over 5 years. On the back I sewed the words "choo-choo" on with a triple stretch stitch instead of a zig-zag satin stitch. They are also reinforced with stabilizer. I think a lot of times that gets over looked as people sew on knit and letters.

Draw string bag with painting red rhinos train knit fabric

toy draw string bag

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