Friday, November 4, 2011

a race car driver and hockey player

I have a car lover and he was sure excited when I suggested he be a race car driver for Halloween this year.
We had a hockey player as well (that was kind of last minute). He just wore his own jersey and helmet and carried his hockey stick, no sewing involved.

I made the race car jumpsuit by piecing the paper pattern pieces of some pants and a zipper sweatshirt together. It was a mistake that turned out OK, but not my preferred method. At first, I bought McCalls 5952 to use as a base but was unpleasantly surprised when I got home and after cutting out the pieces I realized I bought a size 8+ I needed it to be smaller... Don't ask me how I didn't notice when I was cutting it out that it was huge.
I couldn't return the pattern and I needed to sew it that night so I had no time to run and buy the correct size.

I searched all over the internet because I had no idea how a race car driver dressed. I just figured a Dickie's jumpsuit would do as the base but where do you get those in kids sizes? Then I came across this costume on pinterest and knew it was perfect. I pretty much copied it exactly. Although, mine turned out kind of balloony as I had no pattern to go by. I did add elastic to the waste on each side and added a velcro strap in the front to take in some of the excess and that was about as good as it was going to get.

I found the yellow hat on ebay, it has a pretty cool race car on the front and my fast driver loves it.


  1. Well done - very cool. He Looks happy and that's what counts!

  2. He looks good on it. Someday he will be a professional racer.