Thursday, November 3, 2011

karate kid halloween costumes

I never posted about my costumes last year. It's fun when the kids are small and you can dress them up in anything pretty much. Mine have never really had a big opinion about what they wanted to dress up as so my husband steps in and decides for them figuring I can sew anything up.
We had Johnny and Daniel-son from the Karate Kid.

I didn't use a pattern for the robes or pants but they were pretty easy to figure out. The robes are open in the front and wrap around just like real Karate suit things. I have no idea what the official name for those things are. I used Duck cloth for a nice thick feel and it was a great choice of fabric. The black suit has yellow piping added on the edge just like the real thing. Joanns even had some thick webbing I found to use for the belts.

The images on the back are just downloaded from the internet and re-sized in Photoshop then printed on iron on transfer paper.

They both turned out better than I expected and it was a fun year for dressing up. I'll post about this years costumes soon.


  1. They look great - congratulations! What a compliment from your husband that he thinks you can make anything!