Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas trees galore

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was our kickoff to Christmas. We decorated our Christmas tree and I put out all the decorations around the house.

We also went to the local Festival of Trees. The trees were decorated by different organizations and staged in a little scene for display. The trees were purchased by local businesses and the money donated to a local hospital.

Many trees were given ribbons for different categories and they were all pretty extravagantly decorated and fun to look at.

When it come to decorating our Christmas tree the kids usually love hanging their collection of ornaments up so we have a great family tree to enjoy, nothing fancy for us or any special theme.

Because we are pretty traditional with our tree it was fun to see all the other trees decorated with themes. Here are a few of the ones I took pictures of and hope you enjoy. You can enlarge most of the photos by clicking them.

This Blue ribbon went to "Best Lighting".

The Cat in the Hat. Can you imagine having this tree in your home? Nope not me. But I can totally see this tree in a Dr. office waiting room or a Library maybe. I can't remember which business bought this cat.

There were a few that had the the Red White an Blue patriotic/American theme. They were all very well done.

This is very colorful. I'm not quite sure about the big yellow pom pom on top, but it goes well with the colorful circus theme.

Very traditional red and silver. I like the pine cones.
There are also red birds all over the branches.

Angry Birds theme. This white ribbon was for "Santa's Favorite".

Super Mario Bros. The kids were excited about this one.

Here, Santa sitting among the branches of this tree.

Another patriotic theme. The fireplace looked cozy with those candles on the mantle.

These little elves and their kitchen scene got a blue ribbon for "Best use of Space".
I love the white little kitchen and the black and white floor is so cool.

Toys galore in this little fenced area.

I really liked this gingerbread themed tree and area. Even though the fireplace is fake, it looks cozy and the rug and table... It even had a cute gingerbread garland on the fence.

But my favorite part about this gingerbread themed tree/area was these two cute trees down on the floor with the red ribbons. I would love to find some of those round stick trees to put on my fireplace.

Here we have the tree that got the blue ribbon for "Best Tree Topper".

This purple tree had the blue ribbon for "Most Elegant". It was fancy, look at the fireplace with the white stockings and all the gifts wrapped up so pretty.

This tree was the largest of all the trees. It was up by the main performance stage. It earned two ribbons, a red one for "Santa's Favorite" and a blue one for "Best Traditional Christmas Tree".

Our tree this year pretty much looks the same as it did last year, you can see pictures of it here.


  1. Oh wow! I wouldn't know where to look - it's all so fabulous!

  2. what a great compilation of Christmas tree decorating ideas here! So fabulous and glam, filled with beautiful ornaments and christmas decors. Merry Christmas to all!