Wednesday, November 30, 2011

car quilt blocks for boy

I'm not betting on this quilt being done before Christmas, but it would sure be nice. Usually we can get away with sleeping with only a sheet at night, but some nights in the winter require a bit more. So for my little guy's new twin bed he's getting a car quilt. I better get crackin' if I want to complete this before it gets cold and then I can cross it off my to do list for 2011.

I think I need a couple more reds, don't you think?

I bought a toddler size sheet set a long time ago, at Target on clearance, with this exact quilt in mind. I also found the matching desk lamp and shade on clearance a couple weeks later. I'll post pictures when I'm all done with his quilt. The pictures will also include the new curtains I finished up for his room.

These are the only blocks I've got done so far...