Saturday, September 17, 2011

master bedroom curtains

My bedroom has a big window in it, it's really a sliding glass door but it's pretty much a huge window because we don't use it to go outside.
The glass is single pane in an aluminum frame and it's old. The cold air comes in during the winter and the hot air comes in during the summer, really not energy efficient. We have replaced all the windows in our house within the last 2 years but the sliding door was kind of expensive and hasn't made it to the top yet.

To make it worse, there were some ugly vertical blinds hanging above it that provided privacy but that's it, air flowed right through those slats.

So finally, last summer I made some curtains for our bedroom. I love the fabric, it's a deco weight and it is lined in blackout lining. It's pretty substantial.
I'm finally posting pictures of them now because my sister is in the process of making curtains for her new house and she wanted to see mine.
I also finished another pair of curtains this week and thought I better post about these first before I show the new ones.

Here they are opened to show the window/sliding door.
The curtains are really the first step to fix up our bedroom. It's just kind of blaah. When we moved in, we painted and after a while the walls began to become dark and dreary to me. The bedspread is old and starting to rip. I'm very sad about that because it was a wedding gift, It needs replaced and it'll be the next thing I get to come help this room out.

Our room tends to be the dumping ground for everything. The balloons-those were being hung in here for safety until Big E's Birthday party the next day... The battery pack behind the guitar-sits there to be re-charged every time the power drill needs used... Pillows on the dresser- don't even know why... And this in only one wall of the room. I will not show the rest.

Can you see the curtains closed? There is something about the leaves. I won't tell you if you didn't notice. I hung them up and then realized the problem and decided I can live with it for now... And it's been a year living with it now. Those things are heavy and I didn't want to move them again.

One thing I LOVE about these curtains is the blackout lining. It blocks out all the light. I mean ALL the light. It also helps that they are hung just below the ceiling and about 12" extra out on both sides. I could sleep all day in here with the sun outside shining.

I have seen these curtains every day for over a year and I am still in love with them, and I love looking at them... except for that one thing that will keep getting at me until I fix it.


  1. I don't get what's wrong with the leaves. I know leaves are supposed to be pointing up, but these leaves are pointing up and down - so what's the problem??

  2. Did you hang one curtain upside down (in relation to the other)?

  3. i know the curtain secret. i won't tell. don't you either.