Saturday, September 24, 2011

autumn begins & halloween kickoff

Happy Autumn! Did you know yesterday was the first day of Autumn? I love to say Autumn in stead of Fall, I just love the sound of it better, it's my favorite season.

I've gotten a few little things in my shop for Halloween for the kids to use. They are pretty big bags and will hold all their candy loot.

I made these Trick Or-Treat bags from a natural canvas using all french seams. They have pictures appliqued on front from knit fabrics. I decided to sew them on in the triple strait stitch instead of a satin stitch. I like the way it looks on knit fabrics. Of course they are heat fused for stability before sewing on.

This Halloween bag is ruffled and made with girls in mind.

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  1. so cute! I just finished one that I don't feel is so cute anymore after seeing these (though my little boy thinks it is the greatest). I have two more to create for the little girls in the next two years (one each year is about what I get around to)