Thursday, September 8, 2011

artisan bread in 5 minutes

School is in full force and we have become homework central. But I have managed to get some house sewing worked on. Will show pictures later.

I have found a lot of fun things on pinterest, I really love that place!
But, like I said in a previous post, I am seriously sticking to my "not pinning random things", I only pin the things I WILL do or use and that is one bulletin board that will not be so cluttered in my life.

As proof, I made this bread for dinner the other night from my pinterest board. I love it and my husband even loved it. He said something along the lines of "this is actually a good homemade bread..." He hates the homemade bread I make because it is usually wheat. I rarely make white bread.

I have another recipe I used before for 5 minute artisan bread and made it a lot, but I find this new recipe a lot easier to make, with no mess, so I'll be sticking to this one.

This is one loaf of mine before going in the over on the pizza stone. It makes three loaves. The other two loaves I plopped on corn meal in round Pyrex bowls and they turned out just as good. I went a little over board on the corn meal but I wasn't sure how sticky the dough would be after cooking and my old recipe always stuck. Next time I'll use much less.

And this is the picture of the bread out of the over from the Make and Takes blog, where I got got the recipe for pinterst. I may try a little wheat flour in my next batch, not a lot though or I'll be sure to hear it from my husband...


  1. Yum! I might have to make this tomorrow.

  2. Yours looks great! I have used that artisan bread recipe for more than a year now and been very pleased with the results. Family agrees!

  3. Really? 5 minutes? :D I could do that! Thanks for sharing - going over to look at the recipe.