Monday, August 22, 2011

super hero cape

I realized right from the beginning that my pinterst board had potential to fill up and get all cluttered. So I made the decision when I started not to stick anything on my "bulletin board" that I do not plan to use for a purpose. I dislike clutter.

I am not just sticking random things on my pinterest because I think they are neat or cool or lovely or inspirational... the things I add there are really things that I plan to sew, or make, or do to my house, mostly my kitchen. We are hopefully going to knock out a wall that connects our kitchen to our dining room soon so I need some ideas. So that is why I add lot of kitchen photos to my board.

But back to super heros capes. My little E has been saying he is a super hero for months now. In the back of my mind I kept thinking I need to make him a cape... Well last week, I came across this super hero cape, I added it to my pinterest board and we had our super hero cape by the next day. I love that kind of sewing.

I used a new XL men's T-shirt that was in my stash for purposes just like this. To the bottom, I added a red matching knit band so it wasn't just plain gray and I fused and sewed a big "S" for "super hero" on the back.

My little super hero had it on all day and enjoyed it until he fell asleep. He even choose to wear it out and about the town when we left home. People got a kick out of it.
The neck is finished in velcro for obvious reasons, the break away velcro may come in handy when the cape gets stuck on flying machines (aka:swings).


  1. What a marvellous gift for your little hero.

  2. I love this!!!!!!!!!!! How simple and adorable :)

  3. What a great idea to use a large T!

  4. I could even do this! (as soon as I get a few other projects cleared off my sewing table : )