Tuesday, July 12, 2011

sewing bean bags with kids

My sewing machine has been sitting idle for pretty much a month now. Summer is just so exciting/busy with kids home that I've not had time to sit down to sew. With a lot of our time we have been working on some of Big E's scout goals. One is to make a bean bag. Another one is to play a bean bag toss game. Fun summertime ideas to do anyway plus giving my sewing machine some attention.

He wanted to make some like these I made for Baby E long ago with pictures on the front. I helped him draw the letters on wonder under then iron and sew them on the bean bags.

He then filled them with wheat berries, instead of beans or rice and sewed up the opening. They are made of sturdy natural color denim and stitched securely closed.

He was so curious about the sewing machine. He wanted to know how it worked and what every little button and knob did. He also mentioned making more with other letters to sell so he could earn some money. Haahaa, I guess I would rather him do bean bags then a lemon aid stand. I think I'll let him put a few in my etsy shop and see if he's successful.

Speaking of my etsy shop, The Big Summertime Sale is still going on. Hop on over to see what's still available.


  1. How wonderful that he is so keen; make the most of it, I say!

  2. I can just imagine him having the patience to be really great at sewing. He could probably create some great stuff.