Tuesday, June 28, 2011

recent sneak peeks

My Big E loves to look through the Family Fun magazines and get all sorts of ideas to make and do. For Father's Day he thought these lawnmower cupcakes would be a hit for his dad, and for Grandpa's Birthday the same week.

The idea is pretty cute, and they were easy enough to do for kids. The only thing that was not accurate about the instructions was the lawnmower handle. We could not find black licorice pull and peels anywhere so we stuck with red. Also the ropes would not stand up tall so we had to cut them short to keep from falling over.
Overall they were sure good to eat and I'll be happy to recommend them to others. I used cream cheese frosting so they were extra yummy.

I also participated in a recent placemat swap. It was quick and easy. No real time commitement to make a small project. My partner hasn't received it yet so I'm just going to post a sneak peak for her.
It's not that hard to tell what it is here... she said she loves them and I thought it would be fun to do an applique on the front for her. Hope she likes it.

I also recently won this Pattern, that everyone has been making, from Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations.
I think I'll just make a baby size to begin with. Not sure if I want to attempt a larger one for my bed yet.


  1. Ahh the single girl. Its addictive but a really fun pattern to make. I was so intimidated by it but once I finished it I feel like I can try anything. I just got Denyse Schmidts other pattern Cog and Wheel and I'm about to dive in. Enjoy your single girl!