Thursday, May 26, 2011

winners announced

So I'm finally home, kids in bed, relaxing and have a chance to "draw" the two winners in Monday's giveaway.

I want to thank everyone who left comments with summer fun suggestions to do with kids. I have a big list now to refer to. I'm so grateful to all of your suggestions!

On to the winners...
First one gets to choose the pouch or the fabric. the second winner will get the remaining prize. Winners have been emailed already.

First winner was # 264 Lisa, who is going to teach her girls how to sew. How fun for them! I still have memories of when I was learning how to sew, at age 7! That was a long time ago as I'm just over 30 now. I bought some fabric a couple months ago with my son for PJ shorts. He is happy to make them himself.

Second winner was # 74 Kelly, who suggested doing paper crafts with kids. She does some amazing things with paper and she shows it all on her blog.

Can you believe it chose the very last number (264)?! Crazy, and totally random. My comment counter only goes up to 200 before it starts over again on 1, but then it's just like there is a "2" in front of the numbers after that.

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  1. Yay! Thanks so much! I can't wait for my surprise!!!