Friday, May 20, 2011

blog upkeep & weekend sewing

I've decided I need a little blog change. Not a big change but just a few subtle changes that have been bugging me. I'm sure no one else can tell a difference but to me it seems so much cleaner. I love organization. So I pulled off my left side bar. All the buttons and links I had there are now under the page above titled "recommended reading". To me that is organizing all the places I like to read in one place.

Removing the left side bar allowed me to put larger images into my posts. I love to see larger images without having to click on them to enlarge them. No more unnecessary clicks of the mouse. But most images will still enlarge if you click them, I just like to type in my own sizes for my images when I add them, not allowing blogger to decide for me.

So again, not like this matters to anyone, but to me it's like I just cleaned my house, vacuumed my floor and did the dishes, much cleaner and now my eyes can enjoy.

I have a date with my sewing machine this evening and maybe tomorrow as well. I even pulled out my serger to join in. I have not used it for ages.

I found these nice Lisette fabrics at Joann's a couple weeks ago for some garments I had in mind for me.
Most of the fabrics in the line are a bit too bright and bold for my clothing style. But if I had a little girl I would have to buy most all of them.

The blue above is a nice chambray and the pink checked is a shirting.
I also picked up some natural Linen. It has little texture lines going down the fabric that I like.

I'll pop in later to hopefully show some progress another day.

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