Saturday, April 9, 2011

a change in the weather

Honestly, I have not sewn on my machine for 2 weeks, that has to be a record. I did cut out some projects though when the kids were in bed some nights. But it has been so nice to just do nothing but play with the kids and relax.

I got some cherry tomatoes ready for planting and then last night we had a crazy change in the weather, it hailed, here in the desert. Good thing I held off on the other vegetables I still need to plant.

tomatoes rescued from hail

Luckily I remembered these tomatoes are still fragile and brought them inside to sleep.

My rose bushes in front were fine. The sun hasn't quite hit them yet, and the back yard has melted quite a bit. Crazy weather for Spring Break.

hail under rose bush in the desert

hail in the desert

Last week we had what we call general conference, we watch our church leaders on the TV for 4 hours (in 2 hour increments), 8 if you watch on Saturday as well. I like to listen to it on Saturday. But Sunday we all sit down and watch as a family. I am always so tired and years ago I realized in order to stay awake and gain knowledge and learn, I need to be doing something mindless with my hands so my mind is able to focus on the amazing messages. Binding a quilt has been my usual go to, but I didn't have a quilt this time. So before it started, I grabbed a few fabric scrap bags and scissors and sewed up some hexagons.

scrap hexagons

No theme going on with them, just scraps in all sorts of colors. I have no plans for them yet, but there are so many things to do with the little things. They became very addictive after I had a realization that I don't have to sew them all together to make a quilt. Too much hand sewing for me. But I'm excited of the other options for them.

more hexagons

stacked hexagons are so nice to look at

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  1. O all those hexagons! The finish project is going to be awesome! whatever you decide. I like the greens and the blacks soooo cool!