Tuesday, March 29, 2011

some progress & half-square triangles

I thought I would show you what I am working on since last week's WIP Wednesday. Some half-square triangle blocks out of charm squares the easy way. It's been posted before many times on many quilting blogs how to do this, so this isn't a tutorial really, just some images in order on making the triangles. A couple readers asked and wondered how they do it and you can pretty much figure it out by my images.

Charm squares are 5" square. Draw a line down the top square from corner to corner on the wrong side of the fabric (shown in purple below). Sew on each side of line 1/4" inch away. then cut down the drawn line. Open up and press seem towards dark fabric. Trim off little corner thingies and arrange in any order desired.
You can also do this in any size block to begin with and not just charm squares.

I have a lot more of these to make but they are pretty fast moving, just chain stitch them all at once, and then press them all at once.
There are so many options for arranging these triangle blocks together that your biggest problem will be trying to decide how!

Here are a few ideas for arranging them:
Sew Mama Sew-

Cabbage Quilts-

Squares and Triangles-


  1. Thanks for the tute - I love the fabric you're using, what line's it from?

  2. thanks for the tips!!!
    I want to try this soon. I like the examples you showed. CUTE.
    I am finishing up a quilt this week that was three years in the making. I am putting the binding on YAY.