Saturday, March 26, 2011

little ones with scissors & a winner

The winner of my little zipper pouch giveaway is commenter #53, Lesli, she said she likes the orange kiss zipper pouch and likes it light in the evening. I'm going to email you Lesli, Congratulations! And thank you for everyone who entered.

I LOVE it light in the evening too. I LOVE it, I LOVE it light in the evening. I really get so sad when October comes and we go back to darkness. For my kids rooms, I added the black out drapery liners to their curtains. Plus they have vertical blinds so at bedtime they have darkness in their rooms.

Last week I read this post from Tyra, and I couldn't help but laugh. Her son got a hold of her sewing scissors and got a bit creative himself... A lot of hard work ruined, but still funny. She was a good sport about it.

I thought I would show you what my little one has done with my sewing scissors. I learned really quick after this incident to never leave them out. This is a basic plastic cover I use sometimes to keep dust off my old machine. This is the back of it.

and this is what it looks like on the front now.

I'm just lucky that I didn't have some project under the needle at the time of the cutting. If I am in the middle of sewing something, I have been known to leave the needle down in the spot I am sewing and get up to do something else and then come back to sew more later. Another thing that I thought about was those scissors are sharp. I have cut myself with them, thankfully this plastic cover was the only thing harmed.


  1. What a stinker! I realize now that Bayer spoiled us. If there is anything in a 1 mile radius that can cause damage or bodily harm, Oliver will have it in his hands in 2 seconds flat. I can only imagine what he would do with sewing scissors!

  2. haha oh no! Sorry, glad it's only plastic.

  3. Oh my! That is way worse than mine:) I am waiting for the day for that to happen to any number of things surrounding my sewing machine since my sewing "area" is right off the kids playing area. This is like a window into my future if I don't stay on top of things.

  4. yikes!!! At a RS activity at quilter friends son (3yrs old) took her big scissors and cut horizontal slits on the curtains in the RS room....a lot of them!!!!