Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I won a blue ribbon at the fair

I just received my quilted items back from the County Fair and was pleasantly surprised with my ribbons.

Here's a look at what I entered and the places they took. You can click them all for a larger image to see a closer view. Plus they all have the rod pocket on the top for display still, I have yet to remove them. The rod pockets had to be basted on by hand and they took forever to do.

In the large quilts category I entered 2 and this one took 3rd place. I have not shown this completed quilt here before on my blog so this is brand new. It hasn't been washed yest so it is not all scrunched up and soft. But I was kind of afraid the red backing would bleed before the fair so I didn't want to wash it first.

The second quilt entered in the large category was one you've all seen, my Round circle twin quilt. It got an honorable mention.

In each category there are about 6 sub areas to enter. These quilts were all entered in the "pieced by machine and quilted by machine".
This quilt was entered in the smaller quilts category. The Monkey Stacks baby quilt took first place. I love the organic line quilting on it.

In the mini quilt category I took first place too with my Home Sweet Home quilt.

My wonky star pillow took second.

wonky star pillow_front

And lastly, my blue variegated tote bag, in the quilted bags and purses category, took first place.

I really enjoyed entering items in the county fair. It's such a different kind of contest than entering in some here in blog land. I think my quilts at the fair were original and not so much like the others entered. I live in a small corner of the world and it's nice to have contests that the whole world is not entering. I like how they have judges to vote and not the random luck of a voting system.
It's nice to be able to enter them for fun and still get a bit of satisfaction from seeing your talent displayed. I think there is a bit of pride that everyone feels when they are creative and complete a project. It's nice to just stand back and admire it. Even if winning or judging wasn't involved it's a satisfying thing. The cash prizes are nice, but they are not enough to make you rich at all, but I can buy more fabric with mine at least.


  1. You have so many beautiful entries -- congratulations on your ribbons! I think about entering our county fair but I haven't done it yet.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Good work!

  3. You did a good job. It's fun to enter things! I really like the first quilt!

  4. Good for you but darn I wish we could have gone and seen them that day! I can't believe there were 2 better quilts than your first one on that category - I love that one!

  5. Congratulations! Job well done.

    Entering a quilt at the fair is on my bucket list. :)

  6. Congratulations!!! Your quilts are adorable and so beautiful! I love your mini quilts and this bag! I haven't seen your bag!!! and I made similar!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  7. I love them ALL! So glad you decided to enter the fair. You definitely deserve every BLUE Ribbon.