Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sewing trouble & WIP

Today's my Birthday, I'm not even sure how old I am, maybe 32. I will have to ask my husband when he gets home how old he is and then subtract a year. That is how I have remembered how old I am since I was about 26. The years seam to just blend in.

My recent Work In Progress is for me. Which is fitting for my Birthday I suppose. It is a quilt I had planned at least a year ago to make. I wanted a quilt just for me to cuddle in and watch a movie or to take a nap with.
This quilt has given me the most trouble though.

When Simple Abundance came out I loved it right away. The fabric colors were just what I liked and went with my home. I ordered what I thought I would use and then it sat for a year. When I finally started work on the quilt I wanted more red picnic dot for the back and had a hard time finding one yard of it for a price I was willing to pay.
Then it came time to quilt it, I used my Mother in laws machine and did an all over roaming stipple.

Trouble first started when I sewed through my finger, pretty deep into the skin on the tip. It bled plenty and left me with a crippled finger to finish sewing with. Trouble still found it's way when the machine quilting foot broke along with the needle. It came crashing down on a white part of the quilt. The lever in back holding the foot in place must have loosened and slid off (Has this ever happened to anyone before with their Bernina??). Luckily the broken needle didn't jab a hole in the fabric or snag it or leave a mark. This happened late afternoon on a Saturday. I felt relieved that the Bernina dealer was still open giving me just enough time to run down and buy a new foot for the machine.

Sewing was going just fine when I felt a horrible jab in my left finger. Trouble, I tell you, this quilt. I realized the needle sewed right through the center of my fingernail and out the other side. The needle didn't break and it even sewed a few more stitches on the quilt before I realized what happened. The thread broke away from my finger when I pulled it away, but otherwise the sewing machine would have kept on going, that is power. The needle was brand new so it was sharp. Luckily it didn't sew through the bone or the needle would have broken for sure. I just sat there for a moment trying not to look to closely to the cracked nail and bit of blood. Surprisingly it didn't bleed a whole lot but the sight of it about made me throw up or pass out. That is my response to any injury on myself that I see. I could feel the blackness overcoming me and I had to fight to not pass out.

One time I cut my finger on a metal green bean can lid after opening it. I instantly felt lightheaded and had to sit down. When I was sitting I passed out for a few seconds. Yep, I get queasy only when I see me injured. My kids have severely been bleeding before and I don't feel the same with them.

So now the quilt is safe and sound at home waiting for the blue plaid binding to be sewn on. That's always by hand and so I'm sure there will be some needle pokes but nothing too severe.

Now I'm curious, What is the worst sewing related injury you have every received?
I know there are many, so lets hear them.

I spared you an image of my cracked finger nail. I think it's a bit gross to see an injury up close and personal of others, so consider yourself lucky.


  1. Oooohh my goooodness, can sewing be so dangerous!!! If I had sewn through my finger, I don't think I could touch again the sewing machine!
    Your quilt is beautiful and I love the colours and fabrics! I hope you finish it safely!
    And most of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    I wish you sunny, lovely and joyful YOUR DAY!!!
    Wishes from Crete Teje

  2. **knock on wood** I haven't had any major sewing injuries in all my years of sewing. I consider myself lucky indeed. I guess you'll never look at that quilt the same again! You'll have to name it something like "trouble with a capital T" or "oh, the pain..." or something like that! :) Hope your injuries heal fast!

    LOVE, LOVE the binding fabric!

  3. Happy Birthday! I can't believe you actually sewed through your finger. I've always been so scared that I will. I have sewn my quilting gloves to my quilt before, but never fingers. I bet that hurt so bad. I can't even imagine. I hope it gets better quickly. Have a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday! Love that fabric line, I've never seen it before.
    EEK!! Thank you for sparing us the photo of your injury, that sounds awful. Knock wood - I haven't injured myself sewing yet. Amazing since I'm pretty clutzy and accident prone.

  5. Happy Birthday! I have poked and jabbed my finger many times with the sewing machine needle, but NEVER sewed through it entirely. Crazy! I hope your finger is getting better. I love the colors of the quilt.

  6. Beautiful quilt! I've not commented here before, but this is the post for me. Why do some quilts just fight us to the bitter end? I've managed to cut my finger to the bone, not once, but twice. The events were exactly a year apart and the doctor told me the second time that I am a slow learner. Nice of him to say, 'eh? Hang in there and it will all be worth it when you get to snuggle up in it!

  7. I hope today is going better for you...a belated Happy Biethday..I have never injured myself sewing; so far....lots of pricked fingers hand quilting though...they can get very tender....but it goes with the territory....good luck

  8. yeah, I sewed through the tip of my fingernail and out the side of my finger once. I guess it helps to take your foot off the foot pedal when you are cleaning out your machine.

  9. Mom used to tell me that it wasn't "really" a quilt unless it had some blood in/on it somewhere. It shows how much love went into its creation--even if it's for yourself!

  10. I guess I don't get to the sewing machine often enough. I've never hit my finger with the machine needle, but did manage to draw blood while sewing by hand the other day

  11. Hi Edith, I just found dead your blog for the first time, and of course I had to read every bit of it. When I came to the injury I just had to comment since I had instant flashbacks. Lol. I had an industrial machine at one time and sewed through the nail on my first finger a few times; usually when I fell asleep at the machine trying to hammer out a big order of dresses. I've also dosed, and when my head nods down been struck on the forehead by the thread take up lever,ouch, that wakes me up. And all this with 3 cups of coffee going at the same time, lol. Happy sewing! Your work looks wonderful and I love your blog.

    1. An industrial machine would be so painful, although there is nothing comforting about sewing through you finger nail on any machine!