Thursday, February 17, 2011

rose topiary decoration

Valentine's Day may be over but it's still February. It is such a short month so I only have a few V-day decorations and I leave them out all month. Until last year, I had no decorations at all. I made this Love sign to hang in a red frame, but that was it. This year I decided to attempt another red decoration so the Love frame wouldn't be alone.

Using a 4" round Styrofoam ball, a stick from the back yard, and a dollar store ugly brown ceramic pot I painted red, I made a lovely red rosette topiary with a bit of green floral moss.

I got the idea when I saw these hanging balls on House of Smith's. She even gave the tutorial how to make the small little roses out of crepe paper rolls. It took me forever to figure out how to do the twist as I rolled the crepe paper, I was about to give up and finally it just twisted and it worked and I was amazed. So I didn't give up, I kept right on going and made a bunch. A whole bunch of red roses actually. After hot gluing some on the ball I had one complete rose topiary.

I still have a big bag of extra roses. They were kind of a no brainer to make after I finally figured out the twist part. So during a couple movies I kept on twisting. Enough to fill this bag. I used one roll of red crepe paper for my 4" ball topiary and I think I recall doing two-three more crepe paper rolls before I stopped. At the dollar store you can get a pack of two crepe papers for $1. I think I will glue them onto a Styrofoam wreath to save for next V-day.


  1. I love that! The topiary and the artwork are perfect together.

  2. Hi! I like sooo much your love frame! Great idea with burlap nd fabric! Also your rose tree is really beautiful! I think you can have those decorations any time and not only for Valentine's day.
    Sunny wishes!