Monday, February 7, 2011

quilt blocks

Fresh Poppy Design

For the block party I decided to enter two blocks I've finished this last week.
The first one is a more traditional style with traditional fabrics so that's the category I choose for it. But still it has a bit of wonky too it and the border is mismatched. I love the wonky star pattern and decided to make a block for a pillow for my bed.

wonkey stars quilt block

And closer. It measures about 16" X 16".

wonkey stars quilt block

For the second entry, I did a creative block. It's a bit more than I usually do but I like the way it turned out. It measures about 17" X 17".
The sun and tree ideas came from Stitched in Color blog. The mushroom is pretty cute and I added a brown strip below it to resemble a patch of dirt for a flower bed.

home sweet home

It kind of seems simple here unfinished and unquilted, so I did a bit of drawing on it in Photoshop with sketches of planned quilting and red flowered border I'll use. The word Home Sweet Home will be printed on a fabric piece of linen and sewn onto the border.

Completed Home Sweet Home Mini Quilt HERE


  1. I love that gray and that's my kind of star! That mushroom is too cute!

  2. Great blocks! I really love the wonky star, the fabrics are gorgeous - what line are they from?

  3. Hello! Your house block is adorable and even more unique after stitching! I love houses and have made many but I can see that I could use more imagination!
    Thank you for a lovely moment!

  4. Such great blocks! I especially adore the house block, darling! Thank you so much for submitting, we had so much fun with this party, so THANK YOU!!