Tuesday, February 15, 2011

home sweet home, the mini quilt saga

I finished the mini quilt that I made this house block for.

When my husband first saw me making this block, he asked if I had nothing else to do. Wondering why I was bothering making it. I guess he doesn't understand creativity huh? Oh well, I did laugh with him though because really I didn't have a reason to make it except that I can. I have no intentions of hanging this up on my wall or displaying it anywhere in my house, because that is just not my style and he knows that because we are similar like that.

But really, I had the County Fair in mind when I started this. There is a mini quilt category to enter for display so that is what got me thinking of even making a mini quilt. What really is the reason behind a mini quilt? Unless you have a little girl who can use it for her baby doll, what would I ever do with a mini quilt?

It was a fun challenge to try to piece this large house and scene together, and I really enjoy seeing the final product with the creative quilting adding the details. So there really is reason behind a mini quilt if you think about it. It's all creativity.

I wanted to do a creative quilt block for the block party at Quilt Story and this House was the perfect creative block. I think a larger quilt with many mini house blocks are so cute, I really love the ones I've seen.

I dropped the mini quilt off yesterday with a few other items for display at the County Fair. It's not quite a first for me, but in the quilting category it is a first. When I was younger I entered a decorated cake in our County Fair, it was quite funny. My Mother was the best wedding cake decorator around and she taught me and a few friends how to do a few techniques. So She had us enter as our little 4-H group. The cake earned me a blue ribbon.

I have been learning a little more about my new camera. I like the idea of being able to adjust the settings and take the picture you want and not the picture the camera wants.
So this little mushroom was my focus while trying to blur the house in the background. Success.

Entered in the county fair and it received 1st place.

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