Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a few nifty things around etsy

But first, you can also find me over at Dandy Giveaway & More today guest posting.
I have some easy instructions for some really cool party decorations I found at How to make these Polyhedron balls in any color.

Now back to the original title, I love etsy. I can browse around there for quite a while. After a while I notice that time is not standing still and I've spent way too much time browsing. People are so creative and talented. I love that everyone can have their own style and make such random things on etsy.
I've started to make a few more things for my etsy shop and am trying to lean more towards a theme for my shop. I will post random things there every now and then that I make but for the most part I want to focus more on bag, purses, and pouch type items.
I do have a few that will be hitting my shop next week that I'm excited for, plus I changed my banner there to match my blog one here so they are more connected.

So for now I thought I would share a few items and sellers I've come across in my browsing and added to my favorites.

A little Frayed has these cool dish drying mats that are so handy. I know because I have one. I was lucky enough to receive mine recently and I put it under my metal folding dish dryer I got from Pier One. The mat is absorbent so my counter doesn't get soaking wet from drips.

Anzfer has these really cool desk lights made from drift wood. This one caught my eye because it also has a stand up pencil holder. I think it would be perfect for my husband's desk. Right now he has this silly little trinket type pen holder that I've been secretly been trying to get rid of. He caught on to my plans a while ago and now will never let that silly little thing go.

I love earrings, and every few months I get the desire for new ones. jNicDesigns is my all time favorite jewelry shop. Here are new earrings in her shop I love.

Then here is another pair of earrings I like from leedledeedledesigns

Coconut Pie has a large selection of vintage sewing patterns, this is just one of the many I like. I have my eye on many, so be careful not to snag them before I do.

My sister, dance2create, makes these lunch sacks that are fashionable. I shared them here once before, but I really like her newest product the reusable snack and sandwich bags. They are not clear like Ziploc so you can hide snacks and candy in them from your kids. That is what I need. You can also put a sandwich in them too if you are trying to be healthy.

So do you browse Etsy? Are you usually looking for something specific, or do you just browse for random things? What kind of cool things have you come across lately?

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  1. I'll have to check these out...I have found a lot of new favorites on etsy through the Treasury. Pretty fun stuff!