Thursday, January 6, 2011

taking it down & moving on

Looking back on my 2010 To Do List I am a bit disappointed that I didn't quite get everything done. I am still going to do everything but now it will move to my 2011 To Do List. I'll be updating my list soon with new years resolutions in the craft area. I find it helpful to post it right up there on my header for me to see regularly and be reminded of what I really want to do.

Lots of crafty things came up that distracted me from my list that I did accomplish. I'm so happy to have finished all I did in 2010 even if it wasn't on my list so I can't be too disappointed.

This whirlygig quilt is one that was on the list and I have the top done. It is ready to quilt as it is now sandwiched together.

wonky pinwheels quilt

Now on to taking down and moving on. Those Christmas decorations are ready to come down. School starts back up next week and I've got some fun plans coming this weekend so I need to be cleaned up before then.

I did make these Christmas trees also. I'm happy to have crossed them off the list. I thought I would post about them before they go into storage.

christmas trees raffia and twine wrapped

They really were quick to make and fit nicely on top of my TV armoire. I did a few things different than the girl I got the original idea from. Instead of using styrofoam cones as the shape, I used poster board so I could make the shapes wider and larger than the styrofoam came in at the store. I rolled it up and taped it in the size I wanted. I then covered it with parchment paper just like she did so the stiffy twine when dried would come loose easily.

As I'm putting the trees away, I stuck them right back on the poster board shapes I saved. This will help support them so they won't break and I can use them again next year.

twine trees with cardboard stabilizers for storing

To decorate the trees I used red and green raffia, red berries, bells and metal star and snowflake toppers. They all went on with hot glue. The smallest tree's decorations are my favorite with red berries and small twigs of evergreen.

small twine Christmas tree

The smallest tree measures about 12" tall to give you an idea of how large they are.

three christmas trees twine wrapped

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  1. I love those trees. I might have to try that for next year.