Monday, January 3, 2011

daily planning for a year

A few weeks ago I kept thinking of what I wanted for my new calendar. For many years I have just purchased a large one from Target or some other place inexpensively. Then last year I didn't have to buy one because the school class project for parents was a self-made calendar. I hung it up and loved looking at the little drawings from Big E and got a chuckle out of them every month.

Here is December from that calendar, the kid is up stairs banging on the door and trying to get out of his room so he can see Santa.

Knowing my year was almost up, I finally thought of the perfect calendar system for me. I have to keep track of everything on my calendar, if it's not written down I will forget it. So I needed an easy way to write on the calendar. It was troublesome before having a calendar on the wall, I had to lean over and reach up to write on it from my computer chair.

I decided to just print off each month from my computer and use a clip board to hang them up on the wall. That way I would be able to remove it to write then hang it back up. If I needed to carry it to another room I would be able to do that with no trouble either.

I hadn't had time to search for a calendar template I wanted and then I stumbled across this nifty little printable plus it was on a clip board all finished just like I wanted. All I had to do was print off the page 12 times and label the days and months.

Simple, easy, and basic, perfect for me! I love my new calendar system.

Here are a few other printable calendar templates to choose from at One Pretty Thing,
if you are interested in printing your own calendar for 2011.

Big E's gift to us this year? A hand made calendar. It's a cute one too. His teacher loves art and I love that it is incorporated so much in the classroom.
The calendar was made with a long sheet of construction paper for each month. We'll hang it up in a special place to see all the art work every month and it will be saved without all the daily writings on it.

Here are a few of my favorite months from the calendar.
January, little finger print snowflakes.

March, these are some strong wind clouds. I could do without those in real life.

August, a day under the sea. Love the snail monster.

and November. It's fun to see the hand prints of little kids.

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  1. Oh man. I love a teacher that supports art. He is a good artist too! What a cute idea for a gift.