Wednesday, January 5, 2011

little boys room after

Another major project completed at our house last year was my son's bedroom.
I talked about it here in this post and you can see more before pictures in that link as well.

I am just now getting around to taking pictures to share. With Christmas out of the way and new toys put in proper places the room was clean so I decided to take the opportunity to get a few photos before the mess returns. (which wasn't long...)

First, here is some Before shots. The green paint is not for small bedrooms with tiny little windows. It was like living in a cave.

Below is the closet. It had the tall sliding doors that went all the way up to the ceiling on it. They were old and ugly and plus they wouldn't stay on the track or work properly. It was not easy talking my husband into removing them completely and not buying new ones to replace them. He really wanted the closet to close and I really wanted it to open up and give easy access to the things inside.

The closet originally had one long shelf and one long clothes rod. We gutted it all, then painted and my husband built the shelves the way I designed them so the storage bins would fit. Having two long shelves above give so much more storage space.

With the doors off now it is so easy to keep it clean, and with some nice storage bins it is easy to keep organized. I also think it makes the room look larger.
There are still a few odds and ends on the top shelf, like Big E's ice skates and a keep sake box and an extra pillow, but not too much clutter.

The bed is one my husband built with plans from Knock Off Wood. It is The Simple Bed from Land of Nod. The supplies cost about $100 for it. Our plans are to paint the bed navy blue to match the bins in the closet. We will eventually paint it but the head and foot board toppers still need to be added so we will paint after that. Plus all the screw holes need to be filled in. We were in a hurry to get it inside because my husband was busy at his day job, so we didn't get all the finishing touches completed.
He built it back in July when we did the rest of the room blue, so I am a bit slow at posting photos.

The dark brown toy bench is so nice to have. My husband's grandpa built it for him when he was little. It's great to hide some toys and also have a seat on. My husband was thinking he may want it painted or re-stained. and have me redo the seat cover and add more padding to it, but it is just a project in the talking phase right now.

The large wall where Santa is hanging is bare now and I have a large project half way done to go there.

Right now we have the bed up against the window, there is a small 6" gap or so there. I don't really like the bed positioned that way, but Big E was being a bit persistent so he got his way. It's hard to open the blinds and the left curtain side because you have to lean and reach over the bed.

Above his window resting on his trim are the white wooden letters to Big E's name. They have small nails holding them to the wall and so they don't lean against the curtain rod. I bought them years ago on ebay, they are a custom font.

The quilt I made fits perfectly on his new bed.

Here is a close up of the window trim and casing all finished.

His book shelf is overflowing, I don't think it can hold another book.
The brown desk is an old one my husband had when he was a little boy. It will be replaced eventually with something else smaller.

We have a white toy train table that has two large rolling drawers under it. The table is in our garage now and the drawers fit perfectly underneath the bed for storage.
Big E loves his legos, he always has some large creation on his desk that is too big to put away in the big bin in his closet. There are also things that he refuses to put away in his drawers so they are always on his desk. It looks very organized now compared to usual.

Here is a close up of the three pictures above the desk. It is a train yard scene from the early 1900's in NY. I found them at Shorpy. There are so many hi-res photographs to look at. Maybe I'm weird but I love to see the photography from back in the day. I can browse that site for a long time.

When I saw this scene from the train yard I knew it would be perfect as Big E is a train lover. I saved the hi-res images to my computer and then ordered the blown up prints from wink flash. The 3 frames used to be tan and I sprayed them white.

These are the magazine holders I mod-podged with scrapbook paper to match the room. The boxes are from priority mail boxes cut to fit. They are perfect to hold the magazines he gets and loves to save.

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  1. It looks great and I love how you did the closet. We took the doors off our kids' closets because they kept smashing fingers. I love all the shelves. I need to do something similar for my daughter's room.

  2. HUGE improvement! I love all of the details. Good work!

  3. It looks great! Your son must love his room!
    Don't know if this would work for you, but when I was a kid with a desk, my mom 'built' book shelves with bricks and boards. It ran across the back of my desk and up maybe three shelves high. Plenty of room for books and 'knicknacks'. It was easy to do and got the stand alone bookcase out of the small room....more floor space.

  4. Very nice and cozy place for a little one... may you and yours be blessed...