Wednesday, December 1, 2010

wonky pinwheels or whirligigs quilt block

I've been a bit of a slacker on the project completion front lately. I have some unfinished projects to finish up and I have slowly been moving from one to the other.
All are so close to being done but they all seem to have unplanned delays. One involves broken glass for a 20 X 24 picture frame just tonight.

Here is my latest project that is incomplete as well. A few pictures taken last week show the progress and hopefully next week when my camera returns I will have a completed quilt top to photograph.
The Wonky Pinwheels or Whirligig quilt block has been on my list of things to do. I'm using the red, green and blue fabrics from the Simple Abundance line. I have loved it since it came out and have had it sitting for over a year now in my stash. Has it been that long since it came out?

Here is another post about this quilt,
and Here is one more post about this quilt showing the final quilt top.
and Here is the completed quilt front and back. It also won a ribbon at the county fair.


  1. i have wanted to do one of these wonky pinwheel quilts for a long time. Maybe when I finish the three I have unfinished. . . maybe :) I can't wait to see more of what you do with it !

  2. I lifted this idea from you last year (it has been a while!), but mine is merely a wall-hanging that I put together for something to hand-quilt on my family's cross-country road trip. An entire quilt will be nice!