Thursday, December 9, 2010

wonky pinwheels and...

I've been trying to work on my wonky pinwheel, or whirligig quilt. The top is about finished and tomorrow I'll have the last border attached.
You can see the beginning progress here.

It's not so easy lately to get things done with a toddler who is refusing to nap.
I am not excited to get rid of the crib and move up to a big boy bed because I know naps will be gone for good. With the crib I can at least hope for a nap. Usually we get 3-4 days with good naps.
But the little one must wonder why take a nap when jumping around in the bed is more fun than sleeping in the bed? To make jumping even funner he thinks the pants, and diaper must be removed. I'm not sure how much more the crib and mattress (and me) can hold out.

Oh, and the carpet, cleaning that wet stuff up was much better than having to clean up the other stuff.


  1. Oh man! Hang in there! I always say it's a good thing they are so cute or I don't think any of us would survive this lovely stage!

  2. I totally know what you are going through. Ours doesn't nap anymore either.

  3. Your quilt really looked so cute and unique. Mothers like us really get so inspired in doing things like these because we want our babies to have the best. And with regards with your carpet cleaning, for me it's harder cleaning rugs that's why I always brought mine to some shops who does carpet cleaning (Naperville area). In Naperville, carpet cleaning shops have better cleaning services and their staff are very friendly actually.