Friday, December 10, 2010

it's not Christmas without the tree

We put up our Christmas tree two days after Thanksgiving this year so we could get the most out of the season. We have always had an artificial tree and I have no desire for a real one. Growing up though my family would hike through the wilderness to find our two Christmas trees with the designated permits. Not some tree farm, but real, knee deep snow, wilderness. And yes, my dad would cut down two- a family tree and a Mom's beautiful decorated tree.
Last year we bought a new tree during the after Christmas sales that is pretty tall. The ceiling is vaulted in the place I like the tree to be so it fills in some of the big area.
It is pre-lit tree, which we love, and it also has these pine cones all over it. I wasn't so sure about the pine cones last year when we bought it and I had plans to remove them when we took it out of the garage this year. But after we set the tree up, I decided I really like the pine cones and they are going to stay. They are subtle and add a nice touch.

Every year, as I mentioned here, we get a new ornament to hang up, as a tradition. Big E and little E got bright red trains this year. I don't think a better ornament could have been chosen, in their eyes.

Here are a couple others on our tree. I mentioned this one here as well, and we have already watched A Charlie Brown Christmas-like ever day so far this month.

Here is a closer view of the tree skirt. I sewed it up a few years ago. I got the red fabric around the edge after Halloween, it was a devil type costume fabric. I thought it was perfect for Christmas though with the red swirls in it, even though they are hard to see in the picture. The main green fabric is a soft microfiber type cloth and all the trees are appliqued on. Some have little silver star buttons on the top of them.
Those green little trees in front with the dot fabric coordinate with our stockings. I'll show you our stockings tomorrow.

Linking up to Thrift Deco Chick for the huge Christmas tree show.


  1. Beautiful! I think the Peanuts ornament is my favorite because I had one of those when I was a kid. Nice work on the tree skirt too!

    Jennifer :)

  2. Beautiful tree! Came over from That Girl.. That Quilt parade of trees. thanks for sharing!