Tuesday, December 14, 2010

happiness canvas wall art

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Ever since I saw this canvas print a long time ago I loved it. I wanted one of my own. I figured it was a Target special and they were not available anymore to purchase anywhere. Then I saw it on one of my favorite blogs Here.

I did a little bit of searching and found the artist, Rodney White. I loved browsing around at his other prints, which were just as attractive. Check out this one and even this one. But I still came back to the red cherries and love the Happiness thought it had on it. I could see it in my house.

I wanted the canvas look but not have to pay the canvas price of $200+

I searched every price on the internet for the paper print and found the best deal from an ebay seller walls need art for about $25. I bought the 24" X 24" back in the spring and had an idea in my head what I wanted to do with it exactly. I was going to mount it myself on the canvas.

It could easily be put in a frame, like this one, and matted but I was particular that the print edges be right up to the edge like they would be on a canvas.

So last month I was in Aaron Brothers to pick up a large stretch canvas, 24" X 24".
I also needed a large frame for another project, the one I mentioned here, and the glass broke... I still need to replace that.

Anyway, I was talking to their professional framer who came out to help me. I was telling him about my idea to use spray glue to adhere the print to the canvas and how I was worried about doing a bad job and getting all the air bubbles out.
He recommended some good glue and then told me a good way to squeegee out the air as I go. He also told me that he could glue the print on a thin press board for me with their machine so it wouldn't get air bubbles in it. Then all I had to do was glue the board to the front of the canvas. I was sold on that idea and he did it in less than 10 minutes while I waited.
It was perfect. It was so worth the $20 to have him do it for me. I then took my canvas and glued print board home with the recommended spray glue.

Here is how I made the final canvas for way less than a canvas would be, only about $50 total. I ended up not using the canvas from Aaron Brothers and got one at Joanns for way cheaper.

First, I painted two coats of black on all four edges of the canvas. Also, I went a bit over the edge to the front so it would cover all the white in case cracks showed after all the gluing.
Then I painted the back of the canvas around the edges a bit. But I still need to go back and paint the back side more because right now I have it sitting up against a mirror and reflects some white behind with sloppy paint marks. (see above photos)

Then I slowly painted the edges of the poster. It is so thin I had to be careful to not get paint on the front. I had a paper towel handy and no paint got on the front.

Next, I flipped the poster over and painted the back a bit, just to get rid of any white that may show after all the final gluing.

After all the panting was dry. I don't have photos of this step, but it's pretty self explanatory. I took it outside, laid down some large paper to cover my patio table and laid the canvas down, right side up. I sprayed glue all over the canvas, following the label directions, and positioned my large poster down. All edges and corners matched up perfectly.

This gluing step made me pretty nervous because I was told my the framer who told me about this 3M Super 77 glue that there is no leeway for repositioning like some other spray glues. One chance it all you get. But the glue is stronger overtime than other leading glues so it will last. This longer lasting is what I wanted.

All complete and I love how it looks.

See the stacked pottery, the cool blue and green ones? My dad made those, with one hand, thrown on the wheel. I love the height they give when stacked up together. The bottom two have their lids upside down so they can have the other sit on top of them.

I think my dad is pretty talented. I took a ceramics class from him when I was in High School. I was horrible at it but I love his ceramics.


  1. I really love it! I really wish I could spot a gem like that, then maybe my house wouldn't be so boring! It looks incredible.

  2. I am going to die! I swear I would buy one of these. Good job!!

  3. A superb tutorial and a great project, TFS!

  4. i too had a similar idea about this print, but never carried it out - thanks for the tutorial. i luv how your finished.

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