Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas stockings

I made our stockings a few years ago to replace the older ones I made when we were first married so they would all be matching.

I have been meaning to add our names or initials on the cuffs for so long but I have a hard time bringing myself to cover up those lovely red crinkled cuffs. Maybe if I just add our initials it won't be so bad for me and it will still show off plenty of the red cuffs.

The green fabric is Mirror Ball Dot by Michael Miller. I love how the dots are a bit shiny, making the stockings seem a bit important for the special Christmas occasion. Plus I love hanging them up for decoration during the whole month. They make our ugly fire place and mantle seem somewhat pretty for 1 out of 12 months.
The green dot also makes an appearance on our Christmas tree skirt I showed in this post.

The cuffs are a red and green shiny fabric that is naturally crinkled. Depending on the angle you look at the cuff, and the light reflecting on them the cuffs can seem red or green. Above photo shows more green and below image there is more red.

Here they are in their natural habitat, hanging from the fireplace mantle. This angle shows the inner muslin I used to line them with.

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  1. As an alternative to covering your red fabric, you might want to consider doing something like I did with my family's stockings. I knitted the stockngs and then was stuck for ideas on how to label them. We came up with the idea of using strings of beads. Each has the name spelled out with alphabet beads, plus some extra decorative beads and Christmas charms. They turned out really well...