Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas little boys's ties

For the Sunday before Christmas I wanted my boys to have matching ties for church.
I made them Christmas tree ties for their white shirts using this tutorial from the Purl Bee.
The tutorial has an easy to print pattern and easy step by step directions to follow. A sewing machine is not even needed. A iron is a must though. I did use my sewing machine to sew the long parts together. The rest is all by hand.

Because they were easy to make, I will be making a few others for my boys. Although, I will be making a few changes to the pattern. With help from my husband, the master of ties, we figured out what needed to be done for them to fit my boys better. Now all boys are different and this is just what I feel I needed to change for my own particular boys' ties.

The knot around the neck is too big for them when it's tied. The tie is also too wide to fit completely hidden under the back collar of my boys' shirts. To make it smaller, the thickness of the tie needs to narrow sooner in the front. So I will be cutting about 1/2" off each side of the entire tie pattern. The tie also needs to be a bit longer for one of my boys. So I will be adding about 6" to the skinny back part. That is about it, it will make my tie master husband happy and he will allow his boys to wear them, you know he cares about how his boys look dressed up.

These pictures are before the alterations I made. I did end up removing the stitching after taking them and cut some off the tie sides. I then re-ironed and sewed them back up. The ties fit better and they didn't show in the back under the collar. The front knot was also able to be tied smaller in proportion to my boys.

I really like this tutorial on making ties and found it very simple to follow so the red square fabric above is for my next tie. My husband said he would even wear one if I made his out of a silky fabric that would hold it's shape when tied. This is where the interfacing is a must, do not skimp on that.

Now I have a gripe, I did iron this shirt... I'm not a fan of these white shirts from The Children's Place. They are not wrinkle free. I recently bought some white dress shirts from Khols and they seem to be easier to iron and more wrinkle free. But why don't they make little boys shirts out of wrinkle free fabric like men's shirts?

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  1. So cute! I might have to make one for my little guy.

  2. Really cute! And I have the same gripe about little boy's shirts. They need the wrinkle free more than the big guys!!

  3. I've been wanting to do this. I just haven't had the time. Glad you were able to make them. They are adorable.

  4. I used this pattern too! I made my sons tie out of a silky fabric (like most ties). I didn't find it too thick in the back though. If anything it was a bit too long, but my son is barely 2 . . . so you know.

    I love the Christmas fabric idea!

  5. Okay I really have to make some for my little guys! I've only done applique ones, but these are sooo cute!