Monday, October 4, 2010

protecting my time investment

I can't even count the number of hours I spent sewing my patio chair cushions from a few posts back. I lost track somewhere around 1,00,000...

Ok, not really that many hours, and surprisingly they were fairly easy to make.
I love how they turned out and I feel a little protective of them because I usually get that way about things I make that make me happy.

I knew I would need some weather protective covers for them as winter is coming rather quickly. We tend to get rain in buckets when it does decide to rain. But then the rest of the year we have sun, and very damaging sun. I hated the thought of seeing my chair cushions being destroyed by the elements.

How do you protect your out door furniture? I would love to hear what you do or what you have as covers or do you just store them in the garage during winter?

Luckily the guys at csn.stores have helped me. I get to review some outdoor patio furniture covers from them and it couldn't have come at a better time, we just received our very first rain of the season.
If you have not checked out the cns stores I recommend you do. I would almost compare them to Amazon, you can find almost anything in one of their many stores, and most things ship for free. bed sets, for kids even, we need one of these real soon.

Soon the chair covers arrived, and I was impressed with how fast they arrived. They only took a few days to get to my door step. I put one on right away to check the fit. These are the ones I chose. I was excited and I was nervous about them fitting right because our chairs are a deep seat style and are pretty wide and long. The measurements on the online description said they would fit and I was very happy to see they did fit with room to spare. I slipped the cover over the chair and down the back and around the arms with a bit of adjusting as I went. There is elastic on the hem of the covers so they fit tightly and will not blow away.

Side note, We will have grass next time I ever show a picture of our back yard again.
The dirt is just so ugly but that wall in the back ground is pretty, my husband built it.

The next day, we had a huge wind storm. Perfect timing, really it couldn't have been planned better. Every little thing on our patio blew and shifted, but the chair cover stayed put. The elastic really did it's job. There are even ties at the bottom to secure around each leg for extra support, but they were not tied at the time.

After all the pads were put on and the rest of the chair covers, we had rain. It wasn't really a huge downpour like we usually get but it got the patio cement all wet. After the rain stopped and dried a bit, I went out to check on my chairs.

The water had beaded up on the covers, some drops looked as they had absorbed so I took off the cover and saw that no water or wetness had gone through. It was completely dry on the inside of the cover, the chair pads were dry and protected to my satisfaction.
I love them, and I love that they protect my time investment. They even have these nifty handles, one on the back and one on the front to grasp while you pull the cover off.

* The comments and opinions shared on the chair covers are my very own thoughts and are the truth on how I see the product from my own experience.*

UPDATE 12/31/2010:
These covers are not water proof. After our yearly rain storm that lasts a week or more I had to move the chairs under the roof overhand so the water would not get them wet. These covers did not keep the moisture out. The pads underneath got wet in places and will get moldy if not dried out right away. I'm not happy that they advertise these covers will keep your chairs dry in the snow and rain.
I am happy that they will protect the chair pads from the sun because the sun will fade the colors very fast in the desert where I live. But for the rain I will now have to move my chairs every time to the roof overhang. Luckily we only get weekly rain storms a few times a year where I live. But when it rains it really rains.

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