Friday, October 22, 2010

sewing project: 500 Zihuatanejo Bags

I had a lot of left over fabric from my patio chair covers and decided to donate a little bit of time and sew some bags up for this a service project organized through Project Million Amigos.

The bags are used for all sorts of purposes by the recipients including holding school supplies, clothing, toys, hygiene items, and used for shopping. They are taken down to Zihuatanejo, Mexico by members of a local Spanish immersion US school where one of the Creative Chicks children attend. While there, they have also helped build classrooms and bathrooms for the community.

Read more about the bag information HERE
and simple sewing instructions HERE

If you have a few minutes to spare then whip up a bag and send it on. Seriously, I made 6 bags in less than an hour, that easy.

The orange flower fabric is from the chair pad covers I made earlier, and the tan fabric is from the bed pillows I bought just for the filling to stuff the back pillows with. It is a very heavier than usual cotton that I had no use for and was perfect for these bags.


  1. Thanks so much. Those look great! Em said she sent you the address. Let us know if didn't get it or need anything else.

  2. That was amazing! I've been longing to have those beautiful bags. I really love them.

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