Thursday, October 7, 2010

baby bibs

I have a thing with kids messy clothes during meal time. I would much rather prevent the mess than having to do the stained laundry. Because of this, my kids have always worn bibs. I have no idea how I was able to keep them on, they just knew if it was time to eat they wore a bib. I can't remember any protest. I know a lot of kids are not like this though, and they struggle and try to pull their bib off.

Christmas candy cane baby bib

After using bibs for every meal time and snack time for years I came to realize what worked for me. I wanted to keep the mess from spreading and the milk and other liquids from absorbing through the bib and onto the shirt behind. (plus I am a bit anal and tuck the bib bottom up on the table under their plate to use as a catch all...)

Birthday cupcake baby bib

Did I mention I am no good at laundry, I can't get a stain out to save my life. So preventing is key for me. So the bibs I make for my Etsy shop are super absorbent and do the trick.
Here are a few that were just added recently. My son who is about a size 2T still wears these size of bibs.

double strawberry baby bib

juicy strawberry baby bib

modern trees baby bib


  1. I cannot tell you how much I love that candy cane stripe binding!!!

  2. Those bibs are so cute, it's almost a shame to dirty them.