Friday, September 3, 2010

wonky stripe tote bag

I needed a new church/diaper bag because I was not really interested in carrying around a big tote bag or a diaper bag anymore. So Finally, earlier this week, I finished the small bag that would hold everything I needed to carry. 1 diaper,
a few wipes, a few story books, a couple small matchbox cars,
my scriptures and lesson manual.

red quilted tote bag

It's made with black corduroy, inside and out. Black is very hard to photograph I discovered.
I did a few red wonky small blocks across the front to add a bit of color. But for the most part this bag is just plain and simple.
wonky squares tote bag

Inside, I added two pockets, one side has the zippered pocket and the other side has a Velcro pocket. The bag also has a center magnetic closure.
inside zipper pocket

It measures 12" tall, 11" wide, the gusset is 3" wide and the straps have a 10" drop. This makes the perfect smaller tote bag for just the necessities.
I hope to get a bit more creative and make a few more bags while the construction process is still fresh in my mind.
wonky squares tote bag


  1. Love your red & black pieced stripe across your bag. It makes for a very stylish tote! I think corduroy was a very fun choice, I never would have thought of it! Great job!

  2. This looks like a great bag, durable, cute, practical, pretty - meets my criteria!